An early prototype by Tobi, Kota, and Étienne. Source code available on GitHub.

Resource List

Tips for responding to racism from people you love

5 comebacks for your racist relative during the holidays [video]
Quick and straightforward video outlining 5 possible responses to racist comments

Speak Up! Among Family
Longer piece including several examples with sample scripts, including strategies for responding to racial bias in children

How to respond to a racist comment - LifeHacker
5 more tactics for responding to racist comments

Thanksgiving Resources - Standing Up For Racial Justice
Links to many resources including in-depth toolkits, a placemat and holiday texting hotline


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I'm digging the concept and the design.  I couldn't finish it because the dialogue bubbles kept popping up over each other, making it difficult to distinguish what was going on. I'm looking forward to the finished version :)

And thanks for sharing the resource list! 

Thanks for playing, and for sharing your feedback! The current version is indeed broken, unfortunately. I'm working on an update!

It was really fun! But sadly It crashed 4 times on me. I was looking forward to the finale - but great idea!

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately there is no finale right now; the game restarts when you reach the end of the dialogue. I'm working on a new version which hopefully will have a more satisfying ending!

Thanks for your reply 

What a shame! I'd love to see it through the  end.

Keep up the good work !

Oh my god, this is amazing.

Thanks! :)